Purity, clarity and tranquility. The water reminds us to cleanse our mind and reach the state of purity.
 „Floating Thoughts“ is a media-water-installation and we are proud to show it again at the Grassimuseum in Leipzig. Together with Badaboom Berlin we build an immersive media installation for the exhibition „Gedanken Raum geben“ (artists design room for reflection) on the occasion of 500 years of Martin Luther.

When people entering our space, overtones fill the room and the water of a fountain starts to vibration. “Floating thoughts” primarily focuses on the atmospheric appearance of the water surface; Whose reflexivity and simultaneous fragility of the natural mirror image refer to the cycle of becoming: arising – recognition – dissolution

photography by Daniel Huber – Badaboom Berlin

overtones by Miroslav Großer – Freiklang Berlin

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